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Cherry Blossom - $9

Sparkling Sake, black cherry vodka, sour, grenadine

Melon Ball - $7

Vodka, midori, pineapple, orange

Idaho Kamikaze - $8

Huckleberry vodka, triple sec, sour


Sho Chiku Bai SHO Junmai Ginjo

$22oz | $55oz A traditional high grade style sake; Light, delicate, and mildly sweet in flavor

Rihaku Wandering Poet Junmai Ginjo

$32oz | $95oz Named after the famous Chinese poet, Li Po, who drank a bottle of sake and wrote one hundred poems. Clean, crisp acidity, with notes of banana and ripe honeydew, light-to-medium bodied

Tentaka Hawk In The Heavens Tokubetsu Junmai

$32oz | $85oz Dry and crisp, the flavors are dominated by mixed nuts, fresh cut green grass and other earthy flavors. Medium bodied

Konteki Tears of Dawn Daiginjo

$42oz | $105oz Lush notes of tropical banana, anise seed, and truffle. Full-bodied palate followed by a velvety and dangerously smooth finish